Nabil Mallat

Lahbib Farraji

At first sight, Lahbib Farraji, is a typical gangster from Brussels' troubled neighbourhoods, with a fierce reputation. He was in prison for three years for multiple crimes, and he's immensely respected in the capital's underworld. But when he meets Eva, he shows an unexpected side of him that's more sensitive and intimate. With her, he dares to reveal himself. Thanks to this trust, a connection between the two is possible, even if they are completely different from the start.

Geert Van Rampelberg


Geert and Joeri are Eva's cameraman and sound guy. Even if the tough guys aren't always at ease in the "quartiers", they follow Eva because of her nerve. They are a comical pair, that isn't really interested in the topic: they just want to do their jobs.

SanĂ¢a Alaoui

Mina Sebti

Mina is a female police officer with Moroccan roots. She grew up in the neighbourhoods, and she's like a big sister to them. Despite the tensions between the locals and the police, she enjoys a certain form of respect. This is remarkable, especially for a woman, in a world that's clearly dominated by men.